4Gamers are Proudly Supporting MCV Pacific Awards

4Gamers is proud to announce that it will be sponsoring the incredible MCV Awards Pacific 2019. As some of you may already know – we are no stranger to sponsoring events in Australia, as previously last year we had the privilege of sponsoring Australian Games Awards. The 4Gamers brand has seen large growth in the Australia & New Zealand market, and this announcement provides the opportunity to celebrate the successes and give back to an industry which 4Gamers is proud to be a part of.

What is MCV Awards Pacific?


This unique event, which is now hosting its 7th annual year, is a an opportunity to showcase some incredible talent from the Gaming Industry that includes; Games Publishing, Retail, Distribution, Marketing, PR, Events and Media.

So, as you can already see a talented pool of nominees, that will claim their awards at Sydney’s Ivy Ballroom on Thursday, May the 30th!
And the excitement is overpowering with our board reflecting and stating;

“We are absolutely thrilled to be sponsoring the awards for the first time. Following on the great success we have seen in Australia & New Zealand with 4Gamers, we are proud to give back to the industry and support this amazing night.”

Our Final Message

We all just wanted to say here from 4Gamers, a MASSIVE Well Done from everyone here and to us you are all WINNERS! – leave off.

We couldn’t be prouder that we are able to support this wide event and have the opportunity to celebrate it with all of the very deserving candidates.

Don’t Forget!

Show your support by checking in on our Facebook and / or Twitter for up to date news from the awards to celebrate the Gaming Industry as a whole!

Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 10th May 2019

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