4Gamers Packaging Redesign


The full collection of 4Gamers products are going to see new packaging for 2018!

The new design will see the familiar sight of the light blue 4Gamers packaging change to a darker, more intense design in the coming months.


4Gamers previous packaging of the Pro4-10 Stereo Gaming Headset

Why the change?

Here at 4Gamers, we like to keep things fresh, from our products to packaging and website. You may have noticed that the website has been completely redesigned in the previous month, as we felt the old website design was not reflecting 4Gamers as a company. We are a fun, competitive gaming accessory brand and we wanted our website and packaging to reflect that.

Are there any changes to the products? 

No, the products are the exact same; stylish, high quality, Officially Licensed PS4 Gaming accessories designed to take your gaming experience to the next level! There are new products set to be released in the year, sign up to the newsletter to find out when these new products will be available and where.

Are there any products with this packaging now?

The Pro4-10 Stereo Gaming headset is the first product to have the new packaging design, however this design will be rolled out across the full range of Officially Licensed Gaming accessories for PlayStation 4*Subject to approval from SIEE.

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Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 5th Mar 2018

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