The Classics are Back

It’s an exciting time for PlayStation fans out there as the PlayStation Classic’s full line up of 20 games has been announced by Sony. For many of us adult gamers, we have a special memory of the classic and the joy that it brought us as children.
Which is why we were extremely excited (practically jumping up and down) when the announcement came out and it featured some of the amazing titles that we have grown up loving, such as;

1) Rayman –

In Rayman’s world, we are exposed to a world where nature and people live together in peace. As the Great Protoon provides and manages the harmony and balance in the world.
However, the peace doesn’t last long as the Great Protoon is stolen by Mr. Dark (obviously evil being named Mr. Dark) throwing the whole world out of balance as The Electoons (who used to gravitate around it) lose their stability and scatter all over the world!
Now it’s up to you to save the Electoon’s (as they are captured by hostile characters) and free them as well as save the Great Protoon from the mysterious Mr. Dark. Will you be the HERO that everyone is looking for?
If you didn’t get a great sense of nostalgia when reading that synopsis, then you definitely need to familiarise yourself with Rayman and if you have never played this game before we definitely recommend it!

2) Metal Gear Solid –

Moving on, we have another fan favourite (and our favourite) Metal Gear Solid – here we are introduced to our sneaky Soldier; Solid Snake, who infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility to neutralize FOXHOUND terrorist threat.
The excitement alone that you get from being the Stealthy Soldier: Snake – the tense music that alerts you when you are in danger of being caught. We cannot wait to get our hands on this once again.

3) Final Fantasy VII –

You may remember this title vaguely, but you cannot remember exactly remember why you fell in love with this game in the first place. So, we thought we would share with you the reason why we enjoyed the game so much;
Setting the Scene –
Sometime in the future, where the world is mostly a dead place due to the result of the Shinra Corporations using nuclear reactors to drain the life out the planet (pretty gloomy right?) which is where you come in: a small band of eco – freedom fighters battle against the planet – exploiting Shinra Corporation, where the band are swept away in an EPIC struggle against the artificially created superhuman warrior, Sephiroth. But can Cloud, the leader of this group of heroes, save the planet, even though he doesn’t exist?
The description is enough to peak anyone’s interest.

4) Grand Theft Auto –

We all know Grand Theft Auto, where you steal and commit crimes in some amazing autos and we all played it (even if it wasn’t exactly age appropriate at the time) which is just one of the reasons we are so happy that it made it on the list! Also, being able to compare it to the latest release is where we get really excited.


And finally, the last game on our nostalgia list is:


5) Tekken 3

This game has hand on heart revolutionized the fighting game genre and experience for all players… EVERYWHERE. With graphics that will instantly make you smile as you are reminded of the 90s, there is no way you wouldn’t be able to play this amazing game!

As for the rest of the classics you can look forward to – we have:

• Battle Arena Toshinden
• Cool Boarders 2
• Destruction Derby
• Intelligent Qube
• Mr. Driller
• Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
• Resident Evil Director’s Cut
• Revelations: Persona
• Ridge Racer Type 4
• Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
• Syphon Filter
• Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6
• Twisted Metal
• Wild Arms

Don’t forget to let us know which classic game has got you excited via our Twitter and/or Facebook Channel.


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