The Greatest Game Stories Ever Told… So Far

Already this year has brought us some GREAT game releases and unveils, E3 has been and gone and console rumours are getting us hyped for the next couple of years. We have also witnessed Sony’s PlayStations ruling the console sales in comparison to Switch and Microsoft and we saw some brilliant stories brought to life.
So we thought it would be a good time to reflect on PlayStation’s year so far including some of the strongest story lines in gaming;

God of War –

This mythology based game brought us a sentimental storyline of a father redeeming himself whilst struggling to connect with his son. It is fair to say that Kratos has come with his fair share of issues from previous titles and who wouldn’t have issues after killing his family? This brutal action packed game focuses heavily on character development (separately and together) which we think have come such a long way since the start. Atreus is more independent, knowledgeable about his heritage and closer to his father by the end of the game. As for Kratos – he developed compassion, an emotional connection with his son and a protective streak.
We believe this game; with the thought out story arch and character development will be played for a LONG time to come. And there has been rumours that the game director would like a TV series – so maybe we will see more of Kratos and Atreus on our screens sooner rather than later.


 Detroit: Become Human

This successful futuristic game peaked a lot of gamers interest due to the style and issues discussed via the storyline. The plot is (for those that haven’t played it before) Cyberlife (founded by Elijah Kamski) creates Androids who are trying to uprise. Without spoiling the entire story – you can play as three characters; Markus, Connor, and Kara who are all androids in events leading up to a possible war between humans and androids.
While the game itself isn’t perfect – the storyline is current and fascinating; with villains that follow the robotic law down to the letter and some of the androids gaining consciousness as well as making decisions for themselves. Ultimately, the theme of freedom and control is consistently present in this title. Which we think is a great theme to explore!
If you want to know more about the characters and the challenges they face (and don’t mind spoilers) then take a further look into the story here.

Jurassic World Evolution

This game mirrors what you find at the start of the movies; an amusement park that breeds and homes prehistoric dinosaurs. While it may lack in depth and numerous narratives – it looks fantastic and the premise is thoroughly engaging; you get to manage your own amusement park and your skills as a problem solver are put to the test as well as developed which the gameplay has demonstrated.
However, even though it may seem like a basic story arch – it is still focusing on consequences (like a lot of other games) through the choices that you make during gameplay. We definitely recommend that you should give this game a go!


As the year continues PlayStation continues to bring us titles that we love to play with great relatable characters and themes. Keep up to date with the best storylines with us and tell us what game you thoroughly enjoyed playing due to the story arch through our Twitter and Facebook!


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